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Urrea Professional Tools 4333 Bearing Separator Up To 5-7/8 In Diameter, Gear and bearing puller. Urrea 4333

Gear and bearing separators are designed to remove gears and tapered bearings. Their design alloys them to reach in places wehre jaw pullers cannot. The fastening angle of their internal faces helps hold onto and remove bearings without any damage.

Each Urrea tool is forged from special, made in USA, micro alloy steel and machined with state-of-the-art equipment, tested and inspected throughout the manufacturing process to meet or exceed all ANSI, US FEDERAL and SAE specification. UrreaTool's modern manufacturing facilities in Guadalajara, Mexico uses the latest CAD-CAM computer design and manufacturing technologies to ensure the precision and quality of the finest tools available. Source www.urreaprofessionaltools.com.


Quantity Individual
Number of Pieces 1
Separator Type Bearing
Capacity Range 3-7/8" - 5-7/8"

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