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Bayco Products NSP-4618B, Nightstick Light

This battery-powered Multi-Function all LED Light has changed the idea of what a flashlight should be. Utilizing Bayco’s exclusive Dual-Light design, this light combines a tight-beam long-throw flashlight, with a wide-beam non-focused floodlight.  Flashlights are designed for illuminating distant objects. Rated at 60 lumens, the flashlight beam on this light does an excellent job of just that. However a flashlight, because of its bright center spot, is too bright to use close up. This is where the similarity to a conventional flashlight ends. In addition to the flashlight beam, this light incorporates a non-focused 25 lumens floodlight into the handle. Because the floodlight does not have a reflector, the light is unfocused and spreads out in a wide even pattern of light expressly for the purpose of providing illumination of areas that are close by. Additionally, both the flashlight and the floodlight can be turned on at the same time, thus allowing for dual illumination of both distant objects and ones that are close. Powered by 2 included AAA batteries, this light will run for 4 hours in Flashlight Mode, 4 hours in Floodlight Mode and 3 hours in Dual Light Mode. A removable/reversible pocket clip is included.

NSP-4618B Multi Function LED Light Features

  • Has both a flashlight and a floodlight light pattern
  • Lighting modes: flashlight, floodlight & dual-light
  • Bright white LEDs with a 35,000 hour life
  • Single button design – flashlight, floodlight, dual-light, off
  • Light weight and durable
  • Oval shape with textured body and soft-touch finish feels great in your hand
  • Impact, chemical and moisture resistant
  • Powered by 2 AAA batteries (included)


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