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Wright Tool 1114 7/16" - 12 Pt. Combination Wrench. Wright 1114

WRIGHTGrip—the innovative design on our open-end combination wrenches—delivers more torque while increasing tool life and strength.

Superior-Quality Wrenches
Outstanding in design, quality, and selection. Available in either full polish or satin finish.

The Patented Wright Drive 12-Pt. Design
Not just a modification, but an entirely new tool design. The Wright Drive 12-point design distributes contact stress evenly over a larger contact area and away from the fastener corners. The result is ten times more socket-to-fastener contact area than conventional sockets. This design also increases leverage while decreasing rounding and distortion of fasteners. Patented #4,882,957.

Made Entirely in the U.S.A.
From the design and engineering to the forging and finishing, all work on Wright tools is performed in the United States by skilled American workers. We do not use foreign blanks or forgings. Even the steel we use is American-made.


Measurement Fractional
Quantity Individual
Size 7/16"
Ratcheting No
Points 12

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