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Performance Tool W89726, Master Fuel Injection Test Kit

  • Quickly and accurately diagnose fuel injection problems
  • Adapters for most foreign and domestic fuel systems
  • Includes univeral inline adapter for unique systems
  • Set includes: 0-100 PSI gauge with boot & hang hook
  • GM 2.5 & 5.7L fuel injection pressure test adapter, hose clamps and hose
  • GM throttle body injection fuel pressure adapter, seals, tank valve, gasket, single & double barbed hose adapter
  • 6mm-1.00 Honda & Acura multi-port adapter (PGM-FI)
  • 8mm-1.00 and 10mm-1.00 banjo bolt adapter
  • 12mm-1.25 banjo bolt adapter
  • 12mm-1.50 banjo bolt adapter
  • 14mm-1.50 banjo bolt adapter
  • 8mm-1.00 long adapter
  • 8mm-1.00 female adapter
  • 8mm-1.00 male adapter with o-ring
  • 8mm-1.00 male adapter (long)
  • 10mm-1.00 female adapter
  • 10mm-1.00 male adapter
  • 12mm-1.50 female swivel adapter
  • 14mm-1.50 male & female swivel adapter
  • 1/4" BSPT male and female swivel adapter
  • 16mm-1.50 male and female swivel adapter, pressure testing and bleed-off assembly
  • Small schrader valve test adapter for Ford
  • Large schrader valve test adapter for GM and Chrysler
  • 5/16" hair pin adapter for Ford CFI
  • 3/8" hair pin adapter for GM & Chrysler
  • Spring lock adapter for Ford EFI and CIS testing assembly with ball valve


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