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Electronic Specialties 655, 1000 Amp Current Probe

The #585 is a professional grade tool used for diagnosing electrical, computer and engine problems on any vehicle. The #585 includes two sets of test leads, RPM pick-up, temperature probe, protective holster, 9 volt battery, instructions manual and carrying case. Inductive RPM pick-up features a five position, adjustable sensitivity switch. 

45 Test Ranges, 14 Test Functions 
RPM for DIS & standard ignitions 
Dual display w/analog bargraph and digital readings 
Built-in temperature readings 
RPM pick-up & temperature probe included 
10 Meg/Ohm Input Impedance 
Dual fuse protection 
Safety leads & jacks 
Built-in tilt stand 
9V battery installed 

DC Volts: 0-320mV, 3.2V, 32V, 320V, 1000V 
AC Volts: 0-3.2V, 32V, 320V, 1000V 
DC Amps: 0-320uA, 3.2mA, 32mA, 320mA, 10A 
AC Amps: 0-320uA, 3.2mA, 32mA, 320mA, 10A 
Ohms: 0-320, 3.2K, 32K, 320K, 3.2M, 32M 
RPM: 4 0-3200 RPM, 12,000 RPM x 10 
RPM: 2/DIS 0-3200 RPM, 6,000 RPM x 10 
Dwell: 2 cyl, 3 cyl, 4 cyl, 5 cyl, 6 cyl, 8 cyl 
Duty Cycle: 1.0%-90% 
Frequency: 0-320Hz, 3200Hz, 32kHz 
Temp: -20C to 320C, -20C to 750C 
Continuity: Audible Beep 
Diode: Diode Test


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