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Grey Pneumatic 1" Dr. 26 Pc. Metric Set 19mm to 44mm - 12 Point Impact Socket. GP 9126M

Set contains 12 Point sizes 19mm to 44mm.

  • 4119M - 19mm Impact Socket
  • 4120M - 20mm Impact Socket
  • 4121M - 21mm Impact Socket
  • 4122M - 22mm Impact Socket
  • 4123M - 23mm Impact Socket
  • 4124M - 24mm Impact Socket
  • 4125M - 25mm Impact Socket
  • 4126M - 26mm Impact Socket
  • 4127M - 27mm Impact Socket
  • 4128M - 28mm Impact Socket
  • 4129M - 29mm Impact Socket
  • 4130M - 30mm Impact Socket
  • 4131M - 31mm Impact Socket
  • 4132M - 32mm Impact Socket
  • 4133M - 33mm Impact Socket
  • 4134M - 34mm Impact Socket
  • 4135M - 35mm Impact Socket
  • 4136M - 36mm Impact Socket
  • 4137M - 37mm Impact Socket
  • 4138M - 38mm Impact Socket
  • 4139M - 39mm Impact Socket
  • 4140M - 40mm Impact Socket
  • 4141M - 41mm Impact Socket
  • 4142M - 42mm Impact Socket
  • 4143M - 43mm Impact Socket
  • 4144M - 44mm Impact Socket
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IMPORTANT NOTE: GP manufacturers’ professional and industrial tools which are sold through the professional marketplace. GP recommends that its products be purchased from its professional authorized dealers in order to assure future support and warranty service. Unauthorized sources could include but are not limited to: Amazon, Bonanza, Ebay, Craigslist, Newegg, Rakuten, Walmart, Sears or any shopping search engine. GP recommends that you check your source of purchase for their service and warranty policy before purchasing. GP and its authorized distributor network will assume no service or warranty liability for products purchased from unauthorized sources.

All products for warranty consideration must be returned to the place of purchase. In cases where there is a question regarding warranty, the distributor has the right to return the socket to GP for determination before any action is taken. Only authorized distributors are allowed to handle warranty service.

Grey Pneumatic warranty policy:

Grey Pneumatic Impact Sockets, Duo-Socket®, Ratchets & Chisels are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship to the original purchaser. Quick change retainers and some special application items are warranted for one year from the date of purchase. Some items are No-Warranty and are marked on the product. These warranties do not apply to items that have been misused, abused, altered in any way, or worn out from use. Grey Pneumatic makes no other warranties with respect to our products or their suitability for specific applications.

Sets: Warranty on sets applies to the individual parts within the set. If one part is deemed under warranty, we will replace that part and not the complete set.

Ratchets: Grey Pneumatic will, at its option, provide repair parts, repair, or replace any ratchet deemed covered under warranty. Use of handle extension bars will void all ratchet warranty as will visible signs of abuse to the handle or any other areas.

All claimed warranty tools must be returned to the place of purchase for replacement. In cases where there is a question regarding possible defective or abused tools, the distributor will return them to Grey Pneumatic for a determination. After a determination is made, we will credit, replace, or repair the tool at our option. Tools that have been ground, filed, welded, hammered, or modified in any way are not covered under the GP Lifetime Warranty.

Grey Pneumatic shall not be liable for any consequential or incidental damages incurred by the purchaser. Buyer's sole and exclusive remedy for any loss incurred shall be a refund of the selling price. The exclusive remedy for any product found to be defective under the above warranties is limited to the repair or replacement of the defective product without charge.



Points 12
Length Standard
Measurement Metric
Quantity Set
Socket Type Standard
Drive 1"

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