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Camel Grinding Wheels Resin Fibre Disc 4-1/2" x 7/8" 60 Grit

Grinding aid keeps the disc cool while grinding hard materials and aluminium. Ceramic grain is extremely hard and self-sharpens during operation. Ceramic grain breaks down with less pressure than Zirconia discs without heat damage.

CGW-Camel Grinding Wheels is leading manufacturer of flap discs in the United States and Canada, catering to the metal fabrication industry. Utilizing fully automated equipment for consistent products, CGW is also a world-wide supplier of grinding wheels.


Arbor Hole 7/8"
Grit 60 (Medium)
Diameter 4-1/2"
Max Operating Speed 13,300 RPM
Material Ceramic
Shape Standard
Use With Right angle grinder
Box Quantity 25

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