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Camel Grinding Wheels Resin Fibre Disc 7" x 7/8" 36 Grit AO

A premium quality AO disc designed for long life, high stock removal and cool cutting action on metal and welds. Sharp, heat-treated and blue fired AO grain electrostatically coated to a heavy duty vulcanized fibre backing with heat resistant phenolic resins. Fast,cool cutting performance. 7″ discs are available with a depressed center which increases the amount of disc that can be used and helps prevent premature curling during storage.

CGW-Camel Grinding Wheels is leading manufacturer of flap discs in the United States and Canada, catering to the metal fabrication industry. Utilizing fully automated equipment for consistent products, CGW is also a world-wide supplier of grinding wheels.


Diameter 7"
Arbor Hole 7/8"
Grit 36 (Medium)
Max Operating Speed 8,600 RPM
Material Aluminum Oxide
Shape Standard
Use With Right angle grinder
Box Quantity 25

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