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Wright Tool 9476 10 Pc Phillips Screwdriver Set. Wright 9476

 Set includes the following:

9101 Phillips Screwdriver #2 1-1/2" blade length

9104 Phillips Screwdriver #1 3" blade length

9105 Phillips Screwdriver #2 4" blade length

9106 Phillips Screwdriver #3 6" blade length

9115 Cabinet Tip Screwdriver 3/16" 4" blade length

9116 Cabinet Tip Screwdriver 3/16" 6" blade length

9122 Round Shank Screwdriver 1/4" 1-1/2" blade length

9123 Round Shank Screwdriver 1/4" 4" blade length

9124 Round Shank Screwdriver 1/4" 6" blade length

9135 Square Shank Std Tip 3/8" 8" blade length


Made Entirely in the U.S.A.
From the design and engineering to the forging and finishing, all work on Wright tools is performed in the United States by skilled American workers. We do not use foreign blanks or forgings. Even the steel we use is American-made.

Hot-Forge Process
Wright Tool uses four different hot-forging processes. All tools are forged using tough 4140 alloy steel. Hot-forging gives our products excellent grain flow for higher toughness, longer wear and better reliability than cold-formed tools.


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