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Channellock 369CRFT™ 9.5" XLT Round Nose Linemen's Plier

CHANNELLOCK® revolutionized linemen's pliers with the added benefit of Xtreme Leverage Technology (XLT™).  XLT™ positions the rivet closer to the cutting edge so considerably less force is required to cut than other High Leverage designs. The combination of XLT™ and laser heat-treated cutting edges makes this tool a must have for any toolbox. 

  • Channellock blue grips for comfort
  • Channellock uses high carbon steel for superior performance
  • XLT- Xtreme Leverage Technology means considerably less force required to cut than traditional high leverage
  • Precision machined knife and anvil style cutting edges to ensure perfect mating and superior cutting edge life
  • Crosshatch pattern on jaws grips work tightly
  • Laser heat-treated cutting edges last longer
  • Round nose design
  • Unique Heavy duty enclosed joint design
  • Cuts ACSR
  • Easily cuts hard and soft wire
  • Fishtape puller
  • Crimps insulated and non-insulated terminals


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