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Blaster PB-50, B'laster All-Purpose Lubricant 8oz Aerosol

B'laster All-Purpose Lubricant lubricates moving parts such as: window tracks, all hinges, valves, wheels, rollers, chains, glides and gears.

B'laster All-Purpose Lubricant protects and helps prevent rust and corrosion on items such as: car parts, fishing reels and tackle, all tools, firearms, sports equipment and all marine applications.

B'laster All-Purpose Lubricant penetrates to free rusted or stuck tools and parts such as: nuts and bolts, hinges, valves, dials, chains and locks.

B'laster All-Purpose Lubricant displaces and repels moisture and is excellent for drying wet or submerged machinery and equipment, such as: engines, spark plugs and wires, power tools and electric motors. Great for rust proofing tools, fishing gear and other metals prone to corrosion.

  • Over 1000 uses & applications
  • Great lubricant for moving parts
  • Displaces & repels moisture


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