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17/64" GoldEdge S&D Cryogenic Drill Bit

GoldEdge Tools drill bits are premium cutting tools designed to perform against hard materials in the most demanding conditions. A cryogenically treated drill bit from GoldEdge Tools is manufactured for work-hardening grades of stainless steel and other difficult to drill materials. The patented cryogenic treatment process changes the structure of the steel. The result is a significant increase in the cutting life as compared to even the highest quality high speed steel drill bits. GoldEdge Tools drills can reduce your cost-per-hole due to its extended life and cutting performance.

Advantages of GoldEdge Tools Cryogenic Drill Bits

  • Longer Tool Life Due to Low Operating Temperature
  • Lower Cost Per Hole
  • Tool Change Reduction
  • It is NOT a Coating
  • Sharpen the Drills and Wear Resistance will be Similar to New Drill Performance!
  • 3-Flats on Shank for Positive Chuck Grip
  • 135 Degree Split Point Eliminates Walking

It's important to note that cryogenic treatments are NOT a surface treatment as is the case with titanium and various other coatings on the market. When a cutting tool is cryogenically treated, the properties of the tool's structure are altered. Unlike coated drill bits, a GoldEdge Tools drill bit will maintain its cutting edge longer and never lose its cryogenically enhanced properties.
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Measurement Fractional
Length Jobber
Size 17/64"
Specialty Cryogenic
Quantity Individual

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