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Oakland Products CO500-2, Compressor Oil (1 gallon)

Prestige AC Compressor Lubricants are primarily designed for the lubrication of reciprocal and centrifugal air compressors. They feature extremely low-carbon forming tendencies and also possess excellent stability, anti-rust properties, anti-wear protection and anti-scuffing characteristics. Although these oils are intended primarily for air compressor service, they are also suitable for many other industrial uses. They can also be used for general machine lubrication, plain and anti-friction bearings, low-pressure hydraulic systems, light-duty gear and gear motor lubrication, linkages, slides, cams and spindles.
Prestige AC Compressor Oils are formulated from highly refined naphthenic base oils that have inherent stability and a low carbon-forming tendency. This is especially important in air compressor service. Other features of Prestige AC include:
1 Wear resistance to protect against scuffing, plus bearing and cylinder wear:
2 Rust and corrosion protection to prevent attack on metal surfaces under wet operating conditions:
3 Foam resistance to prevent overflowing of interference with pumpability caused by excessive foam:
4 Demulsibility to promote rapid separation of oil and water under wet operating conditions.
- Longer productive time because of low compressor valve deposit build-up
- Lower maintenance costs because of good wear and corrosion protection of equipment
- Good operationalsafety by keeping carbon desposits to a minimum

- Multi-functional capability to do many different lubrication jobs.


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